night view nv glassesI have to drive a lot at night: Work keeps me lateĀ  a lot and oftentimes my wife and kids want to do things at night. So I end up driving, which is fine, except that I do worry about those crazy drivers out there. Then there’s also the problem of glare from headlights, which can make it even harder to see what is happening.

I tried regular sunglasses, but they didn’t work too well . . .even the expensive brands. They made everything too dark. Yes, the glare was reduced, but I was afraid of missing other cars, animals and people while driving.

One evening my wife came into my den with her laptop. She showed me these Night View NV Glasses. They had special yellow lenses that took care of the glare while also making it easier for me to see other things. I gave them a try and I have to say that buying them was the best move I’ve ever made.

Click Here if you’re looking for the best place to purchase Night View NV and you will be taken to the official website.

How Night View NV Glasses Work

Night View NV have yellow tinted lenses that can block blue light. This has a number of advantages: You won’t have to screw up your eyes in response to headlight glare. Objects appear more clearly in your vision. You’ll also avoid headaches and discomfort caused by eyestrain.

What I also like about these glasses is that they work in all degrees of sunlight: By day they reduce glare from sunlight while allowing me to see clearly. At night, they enhance my vision while cutting the glare from man-made light sources. They are great for outdoor sports, too.

night view nv
If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, here it is below to give you more of an idea on how these work:

I recommend trying the Night View NV Glasses

Pros and Cons to Night View Glasses

I’m not going to lie to you: These glasses have their pros and cons, just like everything else. Here are few so you can make up your own mind about Night View NV Glasses.


  • Classic aviator style looks great on just about everyone
  • Yellow tinted lenses can be worn 24 hours per day
  • UV coated to protect your eyes against cancer-causing sun rays


  • Only one style and color available
  • You can’t get these glasses with prescription lenses

Where to Buy Your Night View Glasses

I got my Night View NV glasses online from the official website and that’s where I’d recommend purchasing them. This is not only the lowest price, but the only place you can get the money back guarantee. They also doubled my order so I was able to get two pair of glasses. . .I just had to pay extra shipping and handling for the second pair.

Final Recommendation

If you need to see well while driving, and who doesn’t, Night View NV Glasses are awesome and really do help. They are totally worth a try and come with a money back guarantee for if you aren’t satisfied for any reason. So check out the website now to learn more about them.

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